@@Lijen Li, Hsinjen Li, Neihsin Li, Jenhua Li, Chincheng Li, Juicheng Li,Tucheng Li, Chienmin Li and kuangjung Li are situated on the border between Tali and Taiping. Excepting farms, factories and communities are founded in the area. In the area, there are two chemical factories, one called Sanduang and another called Changyih. These two factories often bring much harm to inhabitants. First of all, waste water from these two factories is harmful to health. Secondly, sometimes the poisonous gas is sent out because of the accident of explosion, which is worrying to inhabitants. From then on, inhabitants are often afflicted with vomitting, fainting, eyes-aching and skin itching. Moreover, waste water and gas from these two factories not only affect inhabitants' health but also pollutes the Tali River in which natural environment has been seriously destroyed.It is worrying that farmers irrigated their fields with polluted water, and their harvest has much been affected. Inhabitants do not endure the pain of pollutions and continously appeal against pollutions during the meeting of village, but the application is never paid attention to. Inhabitants are still afficted with pollution from these two factories. Whenever poisonous gasis sent out owing to the accident, inhabitants turn very excited and continously protest aginst pollution. Quarrels between inhabitants and workmen are not stopped and the problems of pollution are not solved.

@@In order to keep inhabitants health and safety, Mr.Huang Teng-Tang, retired artist teacher, decided to initiate a defense association named "Defense Association of Pollution for Villagers by Inhabitants' Own Power. The purpose of the defense association is to unify inhabitants' power to preserve environment and prevent pollution by inhabitants themselves, moreover, to found a safe, peaceful and happy society.

@@The first aim is to appeal to department of the Bureau of Environmental Preservation in order to help inhabitants to solve the problems of ollution and to avoid the event of quarreling for pollution. Through the inhabitants'struggle, the document of the organization is admitted by the government, and then the association is initiated on the Activity Center of Jen Hua Village on April twenty-seventh, nineteen eighty-six. Mr. Huang was elected as the first chairman of association.

@@The association is the first community of pollution from people by means of their own power. The problems solved by this association are as follows:

@@First of all, Sanhuang Factory has been enforced to stop running by means of reconciling and the problems of pollution from the factories have been solved.

@@In China, this is the first example of solving problems of pollution by means of people's power. Sanhuang Factory was set up on the border between Tali and Taiping in nineteen seventy-three. From then on, it often caused air and water pollution. Inhabitants living near the factory often quarreled with the manager of this factory for pollution. Finally, inhabitants who did not endure the pain of disease because of pollution constantly appealed to the County Government, but the government only replied inhabitants in terms of " The Standard of Factory Waste Gas is Not Instituted." Therefore, it is very hard to solve the problems of pollution from factories.

@@When inhabitants heard of the news, they turned angry on December Twenty-eighth, nineteen eighty-four, Mr.Huang and ardent people held the activity Which intended to initiate a defense association on the ground of loving own village by inhabitants' power. The first purpose of association is to preserve our environment. Though the association was not admitted by the government,its purpose has been supported by inhabitants.

@@Afterwards, owing to the breakdown of the machine, the factory caused severe air pollution for four times. After these accidents, inhabitants quarreled with the manager again, and then the quarrel became more serious. Finally,the quarrel was ceased by the committee, and then the contact was signed by the manager of Sanhuang under the reconciling meeting held by the Bureau of Environmental Preservation and representatives of this association. The factory must stop running before July thirty-first, nineteen eighty-six. These problems from Sanhuang Factory were finally solved.

@@Secondly, Changyih is founded on the border between Tali and Taiping in nineteen seventy-nine. From then on ,inhabitants often protest against air and water pollutions from the factory. Especially, at ten o'clock in the evening on November twentieth, nineteen eigty-five, a serious explosion occurred.

@@Through the reconciling of representatives of association, the manager of Changyih agreed to stop running and the problem of pollution was solved.

@@Thirdly Yihyuan Factory situated on Tunghu Li in Tali city; Chenyuan Factory situated on Chienmim Village in Tali city, often brought air pollution during the process of making plastic, which severely affected inhabitant's health.At last the agreement of stopping running was signed after the reconciling of association. They agree to stop running before June, nineteen eighty-nine, and the problem of air pollution has been solved.

@@Fourthly, Liuwang Pig Feeding Farm has polluted air and water for ten years. Inhabitants often protest against pollution, the fury of inhabitants against pollution is increasing day by day. Afterwards,the ex-governor Cheng,Li Su-yi , Ke Mnig-mu personally went to the farm and investigated the problem of pollution. Through reconciling for many times, the agreement of moving is signed by the manager of Livwang Farm agreed to stop feeding on the area and the problems of pollution were solved.

@@This Association wishes to found a good and less polluted environment for inhabitants, therefore the association offered a devise which intended to make an excellent industrial area in which there is not any problem of pollution. The devise also was supported by Magistrate of Taichung Hsien. The area between Tali and Taiping will be demarcated as " A Light Industrial Area in Which There Is Not Any Pollution " In order to carry out the devise ,many processes will be completed, and during these processes, many difficulties will be overcome, for example, it is very hard to reasonable divide the area into residential district; industrial district and breeding district. Finally, after the area is demarcated into Tali Industrial Area, many factories on the area which may cause pollutions are enforced to move to other areas. We wish that the area could be free from any pollution and the area will be a better environment for inhabitants.

@@This association unite the community of environmental preservation in Taichung Ctiy,----and ---- to form the regulation about the survey of airy quality.

@@In the begining, the government promised inhabitants to complete the devise of industrial area in which has not any polltion. Inhabitant around Tali Indstrial Area were glad when they heard of the good news. Afterwards the government didn't keep its words before the land of this area was sold in public,inhabitants turned very disappointed. Another industrial area in which oftenbring the problems of pollution will take the place of Tali Industrial Area in which has no pollution. The association and inhabitants protested against the changing of plan, through the endeavor of the association, the government finally promised to keep his words. Afterwards, this devise of having no pollution was still kept, according to devise, Tali Industrial Area is still regarded as " A Industrial Area in Which There Is No Pollution." And other factories which often bring the problems of pollution will be driven away. Afterwards the selling of land in public is completed successfully. We believe that it is true that the source of success lies not in force but in union.

@@It is twelve years since our association was initiated. During these years, our association not only devote ourselves to solve the problems of pollution on our area but also help other towns to treat problems of pollution. Besides, the association actively gives suggestion of preserving environment and wishes to constitute an unpolluted environment. This Association often held various activities which were respected and appealed to people, such as " the Plan of Keeping the Ta Tu River Clean", "Photograph Game for Preserving Environment" and "Make the ampus As a Forest". This association also treated many problems which will be connected with preserving environment, for example, to investigate lunch-box factory for childen if they use underground water; to look into and analyze the garbage problem of each town. Gradually, the opinion of preserving environment is rooted in people of all walks. People have common opinion of "Preserving Enviroment from Every Family; Preventing Pollution from Eevery Family." The opinion of preserving pollution looks like a tree which has brought up. The fruit of success brings people much pleasure. We blieve that the prospect of preserving environment will be good.