@@Natural enviroment on earth is gradually destroyed by human beings because some one fells trees and catches wild animals at one's own will. Air pollution also brings about many problems, such as ozone level of the earth being destroyed, falling of sour rain The earth seems to cry for harm of human beings. Water pollution from glof course and garbages affect the quality of water deeply. Waste gas pollution from factories harm our lungs. Soil pollution from pesticide affects the growth of plant. These pollutions above look like killers to harm our health step by step.

@@We should be brave to protst against pollution. In fact, it is easy and important to preserve our environment from our daily life.

@@As long as we are concerned about our environment, we shall have a better environment.

@@As long as we bravely express our opinion of preserving environment, we will own a better environment and drive any pollution away.

@@As long as we support the activity of preventing garbage pollution and carry out the ways of preserving environment, the problems of garbage pollution will be solved step by step.

@@In fact, we are able to prevent garbage pollution in our daily life, such as don't use things produced with steroform; to carry, bags when shopping; to classify the garbage and don't burn garbage at ones own will.

@@As long as we put our garbage in trash cans after going on a picnic and don't kill wild animals at one's will, we will own beautiful scenceries.

@@As long as we don't destroy forests; don't catching fish with bad ways, on the contrary we plant flowers and trees, we will own a better environment.

@@As long as we remake waste paper; retrieve useful resource and have a good opinion of " Throwing is the Cause of Garbage; Retrieving is the Source of Resources " gradually, the opinion of preserving environment will root in everyone's mind. Let us support the activity of retrieving useful resources and let the virtue of fruguality be kept.

@@As long as we vote candidates who are very concerned about preserving environment, the sense of preserving environment will be developed into a stronger power to win their votes.

@@We believe candidates who support the activity of preserving nvironment will win and they will be responsible of moving the activity of preserving environment, therefore; the activity of preserving environment will be enlarged everwhere.

@@From the suggestion of preserving environment above, we hope everyone to be ambitious of being a soldier of preserving environment; being a solver of problem of any pollution; and being a defender of natural environment.