@@The movement of preserving environment lasts for eighty years. We are grateful of the previous pioneers of preserving environment. In recently years ,the sense of preserving environment is continously elevating. Under the endeavor of ardent people, the government gradually makes a point of the importance of preserving environment. It is exciting for us.

@@Referring to preserving environment ,it is important for us to have the opinion of how to move the activity to every place. Let us build the beautiful home-town by means of our power. It is true that " Preserving Eenvironment from Eevery Family; Preventing Pollution from Every Family. " Heartily welcome people who have the opinion of preserving environment to take part in our association. Moreover, We wish everyone to be ambitious of a pioneer of preserving environment; the preventor of pollution and the preserver of natural environment.

@@According to the regulation of this association this association consists of community member, personal member and honor member. The qualification of the first member is any community which is initiated in China. The qualification of the second member is the members who must live in China; be earnest to prevent pollution and agree to our purpose. The qualification of the third member is the members who agree to our purpose; have ever devoted themselves to our association or have acted as our board chairman. As soon as people are elected as honor members, they will be honor members foreover.

@@People who want to take part in our association must fill the plication forms and be ckecked by the council. Except honor members, any member must pay the expenses. If a member pays the expenses, be will be regrded as a member. If a member doesn't pay the expenses, be will be regrded as a sub-member. If a sub-member pays the expenses which he has not been paid, he will be regrded as a member. If a sub-member doesn't pay the expenses for three years, he will lose the qualification of membership. If a member who has lost the qualification of membership ,but he still wants to take part in our association again, he will fill up the application form again. People who work in these factories which often bring about pollution will not be admitted to our association.

@@Members have the privilage of taking part in the meeting; elected and being elected. Members who have taken part in this association more than six months will have the privilege of electing. Members who have taken part in this association more than one year will have the privilege of being selected.

@@All of the members should abide by the purpose and regulations of this association If members who make a serious mistake which is voted by the council, they will be warned or their qulification will be mullified. The serious mistakes above as follows:

@@To spread rumors which are harmful to this associations honor.

To collect money from factories which bring about the problems of pollution in of terms of this association. To misuse the money of this association privately.

@@To affect the honor; privilage and public benefit of this association.